How To Get The Manastone Ring In Lords Of The Fallen Mana Regen

Restoring your mana quickly is key to casting devastating spells in Lords of the Fallen

Restoring your mana quickly is key to casting devastating spells in Lords of the Fallen. While mana potions help, having constant regeneration makes magic use truly limitless. The ultimate secret for Mana Regen is finding the hidden Manastone Ring. Equipping this powerful accessory grants fast passive mana recovery. Let's uncover the secrets to obtaining this incredible Lords of the Fallen ring.


Locating the Manastone Ring

To find the Manastone Ring, you must access a secret optional area - the Forbidden Crypts. This is located underneath the Rhogar's Crypt dungeons. In the Inner Sanctum, look for breakable wooden railings you can drop down to a lower level. Follow this path to reach the Forbidden Crypt entrance and gain more Lords of the Fallen Vigor.



Navigating the Forbidden Crypt

The Forbidden Crypt is a small optional dungeon with tough dark phantoms and traps. Light a torch to navigate the darkness. When you reach the bottom level, look for a stone coffin that can be interacted with. Open the coffin to reveal the coveted Manastone Ring inside!


Manastone Ring Effects

Equipping the Manastone Ring grants the following mana-restoring effects:

  • Passively regenerates mana over time.
  • Increases max mana capacity.
  • Restores mana on killing enemies.

This immensely powerful ring makes your mana usage virtually unlimited. It enables continuous spell casting with no concern for blue bar drain.


Magic Build Synergy

To fully capitalize on the Manastone Ring's mana regeneration, build your character focused on magic damage. Prioritize Willpower to increase your mana pool size. Select spells with low mana costs like Hex and Drain Life to rapid fire with regeneration sustaining you. The ring also combos extremely well with the Willpower Pendant, Core Tap Pendant, and Judgement Staff. Really push your mana usage to the limits!


Sustain Against Bosses

Against tough bosses, the Manastone Ring allows relentlessly peppering them with spells. Keep mobile while avoiding attacks and continuously cast away. Without needing to stop to replenish mana, you can focus solely on positioning and dishing damage. This makes magic-focused builds very potent with the secret Lords of the Fallen Ring.


Exploring Off the Beaten Path

Discovering hidden gems like the Manastone Ring rewards venturing beyond the main story path in Lords of the Fallen. Keep an eye out for breakable objects and interactive LOTF Items. Searching every nook and cranny pays off with gear and upgrades that most players will completely miss! Never stop exploring to gain more Lords of the Fallen vigor. The Manastone Ring's endless mana regeneration will elevate any caster build to new heights. Seek out this secret treasure and become an unstoppable font of mystical energies! 


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